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What is SHA-1 and what do you do with it?

SHA-1 was originally designed by the US government for use in government data encryption. These types of systems are very difficult to compromise.

SHA-1 only works with 32 bit unsigned and signed data. It does not work with 32 bit encrypted data. SHA-1 has proven extremely effective against almost every major computer security breach. The only reason it hasn't proven more effective over time is because it only works with the original 32 bit data. A future version that includes support for future 64 bit data will be developed but the technology is still not mature enough for this.


The SHA-1 hash algorithm is the very first one that the Internet existed in. It's considered the ultimate algorithm to protect data on the Internet. The Internet today uses a number of different hash algorithms to scramble the data to prevent anyone except the sender from decrypting the data. When this is done properly, the decryption is very difficult (or impossible) to brute force and is a sign of great security.

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