Cybersecurity 10

Cybersecurity is a critical national security issue. These companies could be the best in the world, but they are just like us in one respect: They're not running the risk of hackers taking over the company for their own advantage.

They want an opportunity to build and maintain systems that their customers use so that their systems are secure because that's the thing that customers depend on—not just for their financial benefits but for their safety, and the fact is, a lot of people are at risk. I'm going to try to put this in a different context: I'm talking about the risk of hackers taking over for their own advantage.

In order to secure a company you need to build in the security of your employees and of customers and of other employees and customers. Security is a huge priority, and that's why everybody wants to try to do all they can to make it secure and hard to breach, which is why the government is really focused on this and is working to provide incentives for companies with security systems to put in place those security features that keep everyone safe.

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