Cybersecurity 14

What is cybersecurity? It is the practice of ensuring that networks and devices operate effectively to ensure that sensitive data such as data about users, private and sensitive information, or sensitive data not protected by encryption are not intercepted, altered, misused, lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised. It involves the maintenance of a security infrastructure that includes antivirus, firewall, intrusion prevention, endpoint protection, user device security, and security management.

A company's cybersecurity plan must identify the scope of your organization's cybersecurity responsibilities, including the number, nature, and severity of risks. It must provide baseline definitions or models of threats that have the potential to compromise information and data on its network and devices. And, it must have an organized and clear cybersecurity training, education, and compliance program.

It is important to consider how your company's cybersecurity posture will be affected to the extent of the incident and impact you may find when you resolve the incident. A comprehensive cybersecurity plan provides you with the resources to detect and respond to problems as they develop or occur.

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