Cybersecurity 22

What Is cybersecurity?

CyberSecurity is the concept of protecting or defending against malicious computer or network attacks. Security is achieved by the use of technological defenses, which include physical, digital and information security technologies.

There are two main types of defenses:

Protection - The use of technologies such as Anti-Virus Anti-Spyware Software Anti-Virus Scanner, Cyber Security Tools, or other detection technologies to detect malicious actions occurring on your system. Security - The usage of technology to safeguard your system from cyber threats and the use of technology to improve protection for your system so that hackers do not try to enter your system to take control.

How Do You Choose A CyberSecurity Provider?

It is important to note that cybersecurity services providers must apply for a vendor license as part of their service contract to use cybersecurity technology that was purchased by you. You are free to choose whichever cyber security provider that you feel is right for you as no provider is required to use or recommend any products or services that are not provided by the provider.

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