Cybersecurity 24

What Is cybersecurity?

Many of the technologies that we use are connected to information in the digital world. We use these technologies as a way to stay connected to people and information, including our own. Cybersecurity protects those digital systems that make up our digital environment. While some cyber security experts see us as vulnerable, cyber security experts are also highly skilled and knowledgeable. They understand the complexities of securing the systems we use every day, and they also understand that cybersecurity only works if it's done right.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is about understanding both the technical and the psychological issues that impact users—such as the threat of malware and malicious content and online fraud. It also includes a deep understanding of the relationships between people and information. Security is about keeping your own data secure, securing systems we use that are connected to our own, and protecting our networks from attacks.

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