Freedom 14

What is freedom? To be free is to be free from some of the requirements and consequences of human life on this planet. All of these things are part of the nature of freedom. That's why they're necessary in human society, or at least required. People who are living their lives in some respects free from some of these things are certainly not free.

Some people think that what we're discussing here are moral laws which are part of our character. They have a value in our society, and some of them are good. Some of them are bad, and some of them are just. We don't know what these laws are in the physical world. We don't know what they look like in the mind of our Creator. But we know that they have certain characteristics – and these characteristics are generally not based on reason. Sometimes they are based on reason – often they aren't. They are based on what we can't observe but what we can imagine and what we can conceive.

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