Freedom 15

What is freedom? The only freedom, the 'freedom' to do what one wants or not to do what one wants is the freedom to live and to die as one pleases to the detriment of others.

The question is this: what is freedom? That is, I am not so sure. How can one say one's life is free when, for one's own life, one has to surrender one's self to others?

My life would thus be very different if I am in a position of power over others by not only having the means of making money from this work to live, but by not having any responsibility for my life, as the owner of money is in a position of power over others. One can give my life to someone else, take it from him, and in exchange receive nothing. One can give one's life to others and receive anything one desires. But what can one give oneself out of that? Or is it possible for one's life to be worth nothing if one cannot even control one's own being?

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