Freedom 19

What is freedom? Freedom? Freedom has nothing to do with being free. If I didn't care about what you would say, I would not bother you. I would not bother you at all." This is a fundamental human right, not a right to be ignored. It is a fundamental human right not to be ignored by the state."

And now, I'm sure we've all heard the quote "To err is human; to forgive is divine." That is all this story is about: to err is human, and to forgive is divine.

I know, it seems so counterintuitive. Is there no room in the world for people who can live without fear of the government or anyone else? It's like asking someone to choose between the apple and the snake. There is a snake that doesn't have a heart in it. We all understand that one. But I would love to know what the snake would have to say when you asked him for his reasons for wanting so desperately for his heart and for his mind not to be destroyed.

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