Freedom 20

What is freedom? Freedom is to love and to respect people as themselves as well as other people. Freedom is to not seek your own benefit. Freedom is to choose not to be hurt and to let a stranger or person in need or just someone else be in pain and so on. Freedom is to not be controlled and to not ask for something that isn't available. Freedom is to not be afraid that something bad is going to happen and for others to support you and to be able to give you love for who you are and if you do not have it, to help and then to love for them. Freedom is to not believe that anyone else is doing as good a job as you will be doing and to help others and help others out and then not be afraid." (Ibid). The purpose of the world is to live in order to make that better. No one has to do great things because they deserve it or because they are blessed with what they are and what they have to offer to the greater good. You have to work for it and have the talent and the potential and the time.

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