Freedom 22

What is freedom? I mean just to have the right to go to the toilet when you're angry at the world? Or even to get permission from an adult to go to the toilet when you're unhappy? Who do you think is free?

In fact freedom is the first casualty of the modernist society. The modernist life is an oppressive totalitarian life. You need to be on a leash. You need to submit to authority.

But if you're like most people, the modernist, the self-assured, independent, self-sufficient, self-fulfilling, creative-in-the-moment, free-thinking, individualist and free-spending, who is going to want to be enslaved to the modernist mind and the modernist economy. It's really a nightmare.

So, what are these 'modernist' societies like?

Well they are, and if you're one of these people, the modern life is not for you.

These contemporary societies like the US, UK and France, are really oppressive.

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