Freedom 30

What is freedom? Well, freedom, as we have seen, is the freedom to do anything that you please with any body of individuals or with any entity. Freedom is not simply for those with some sort of a moral code or some sort of moral justification of their behavior; it is for anyone who is free to do whatever they please with anything they wish to do, and anyone who holds themselves to be free to do whatever they wish to do. This is freedom.

So in that sense, freedom is absolute: if you are not free to do whatever you want, then you do whatever you want and, if you have any good thing to say about someone who does what they want, that good thing in your case is going to come out through them because they are the most free to do it, they are willing to be open to, and they have nothing to fear. That is freedom.

This is true, I realize, but as I said, there are those who can't and that is a terrible state of affairs.

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