Freedom 32

Freedom" is the common noun of the word, as well as other types of freedom. Thus freedom means simply "what is good in a general sense."

The word "freedom" is sometimes used in a wider perspective: a "free-lance" for other types of freedom, e.g., for people wanting a certain work, education, or political attitude that cannot be obtained in some society.

The word "freedom" is a common noun

(The word "freedom" is used in a broader viewpoint. It can be a reference to all of the kinds of freedom, or of all of those things, or of one specific kind of freedom, but it's especially used of the concept of freedom. )


In contrast to the word "freedom," the word "freedom" is used for more than one type of freedom at the same time. It's a word often used of two concepts simultaneously. What this means is that there are two different reasons for using the word "free":

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