Freedom 33

What is freedom? It is not simply a matter of the absence or presence of a law. Freedom means having the flexibility to do whatever we want for as long as we wish, regardless of consequences. Freedom means the freedom to follow our own path, however we choose. And it means the freedom to do these things, because we are the ones who make choices.

And how do we create an environment that helps our children learn responsibility?

The most important thing our children learn in school is how to manage their decisions, not just when they make them but also what to do after making them.

When a child's parents make them feel as though their actions have been coerced — for example, by being told they can make their own decisions when they're too young — they're already far less ready to make and act on their own. One reason it's hard to change the behavior of an older child is that, just as young children are often more willing than adults to do things they find "wrong,"

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