Freedom 40

What is freedom?

To me, the best part about the modern world is that people can make choices. To me, freedom is that you can make a career switch you're satisfied with or even become independent.

So freedom is about not forcing yourself to do something you're not satisfied with. It isn't about giving up your lifestyle.

You can switch careers! I am sure I will make more money and have more freedom (when I am not forced to do so!)

A great point on freedom is that, for the most part, we are making choices for ourselves and we will not be harmed or forced to do anything not comfortable for us or we choose it willingly.

However, I think freedom has some real negatives. For example, it means that our life is over so quickly as to make it difficult to learn what we do want. For example, if I am forced to take a job I don't like, I feel very trapped and have lost so much freedom for a short amount of time.

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