Freedom 43

What is freedom? Is it the absence of force and constraint of some sort? Is freedom one of the many freedoms we have or is it something we can acquire?

We are told that freedom is an "expectation". We are told that we can expect that we can get what we want. If we think that freedom to get what we want is an expectation, then the expectation of freedom is an expectation that is not our own, and therefore has no real content. We are told that when a person is given more freedom from a constraint, he will try to get it back with greater effort.

This is an interesting concept for a certain type of person. Someone who is looking beyond their own expectations and is looking for a better world is likely to be a freedom-crazed individual.

We have no way of knowing for sure what a free-range, life-enriching person is like and the only way we can tell, is by looking at their behaviour.

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