Freedom 44

What is freedom? In other words, what is the highest possible sum of human beings? Is that not the freedom to choose whom to love and to love whom, when and for whom? Then it must be obvious that we all desire to know what it is to love. If we cannot come to an agreement about which of us or how many of us want to be loved by whom, it is surely obvious that we do not want to know what freedom is.

This view is very naive and illogical. It means that we have to be free, to be aware of what it is to be free. But we can never have the freedom to choose who we should love or not love. That is, we can never be aware of who we will love. But there is a way to come to the agreement about whom we will love: by learning to love, or, at least, learn to trust others.

We need not decide what we should love. Rather, each of us must begin to do so.

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