Freedom 48

What is freedom? Freedom is the right to be left alone. Let free people express themselves. Let free people choose the values they believe in. Let free people form opinions. Let free people criticize.

Freedom is the ability to do whatever you want with your own life. Freedom is the right not to be judged. Freedom is the right to speak your mind, or not even say anything if you do decide to speak... but not to listen to whatever others say.

As much as it pains me to say this, the whole "no safe spaces" debacle has been blown completely out of proportion.

The thing is, some people have "free speech" and some people don't. There is a difference between those who have the right to have a safe place and those who don't. If someone has a right to have a safe place, and if someone isn't the "right" for that place, well then that's when you want to know about it, and not try to bully them about it.

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