Happiness 20

What is happiness? To say that the human soul cannot exist without pleasure and pain is not a definition of happiness; what the soul is to be, it is only an empirical and ideal state of mind. There is a natural pleasure in living as one is happy, and pain in what one is unhappy, and so forth. This natural pleasure in the present moment, this pain in the future, is the very basis of the human soul and soul of the world. It does not belong to the divine nature and so is not part of the divine essence; it is the human nature as it is in this moment, from which the divine is derived. Human life is the happiness or the sadness of a few, and of all humans there can be no happiness without sorrow. We know that in every human life sorrow is universal, that sorrow is the root of every disease, etc. and a thousand times greater sorrow than this. This is, therefore, the natural state on which human happiness is to be arrived at.

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