Happiness 23

What is happiness? The word has a variety of meanings in different cultures. In English, there is a very strict definition: to be happy is to have a happy, full and happy life. As a child, we all know about this definition. When I was little, I had the joy of walking from my house to school along a paved path, and I felt that happiness! I was not only happy that the school did not run late, they were running late! The definition of happiness is one that gives the person the possibility of achieving that happy life. When we are happy, we are happy. Not only do we have a happy life, but we are filled with happiness so that when we go on to achieve what we set out to achieve, we find ourselves in a more complete state of happiness. We are not just content with feeling happy, though. We are more interested in doing what the world of work and achievement demands, which are things that we need to do in order to be happy in the workplace.

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