Happiness 30

What is happiness? In most words, it's a question that has nothing to do with whether or not you feel fulfilled. A simple answer would be, "because there's something to be fulfilled about." It's quite the opposite, in fact. If all you've ever felt in your life has been happiness, happiness will often make you miserable—and vice versa. It's because happiness motivates people to want to do the things they enjoy. In other words, happiness motivates people to want to be happy in the first place. There is nothing intrinsically satisfying about happiness, but it's very much possible to experience happiness when trying to find happiness in other things.

I don't mean that being happy necessarily needs to mean doing the things that make you happy. Sometimes happiness simply means living in a way that you're excited about going forward. For example, if you're working on something that you want to do a ton, you're better off staying where you are even when you're not working than you might be if you took a new job.

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