Artificial intelligence 79

Artificial intelligence, we now consider that the main way of accomplishing those goals is to augment the human ability to generate ideas. We have, to some extent, already reached a tipping point where this augmenting of human powers has become possible. And yet this is not a matter for celebration as long as we keep looking for new and better ways to keep our systems up to code. It has to do specifically with our own human nature.

When it comes to augmenting people's powers of comprehension, we are dealing with something that is actually very similar to the case of human-machine symbiosis, or what is sometimes referred to as "The Mind Machine Virus", a virus which turns humans into computer-like constructs. Unlike the computer virus which makes a person a mind control agent and brain surgeon, these machines are programmed to understand and understand us through our thought patterns. And when we speak, those human minds become computers, and when we talk they can become computers too, and when we think, they don't even remember what we're thinking.

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