Artificial intelligence 80

Artificial intelligence doesn't require the use of external components. Instead, it relies simply on logic, and its success depends upon how well the logic works on the computer's hardware. So although an artificial intelligence program can be thought of as a computer that runs a program—a programming language—so can a human-computer interaction (HCI), but that's just the difference between a computer and a human–computer interaction. It's important to remember that an HCI depends upon a host of features that we may not even be aware of or even know that we have or even understand.

Consider, for example: a robot that can find the best course of action for you based on a series of visual clues for which you gave it feedback. Such a robot, if programmed correctly, would have learned to act in a certain way based on the feedback, even if you didn't have explicit instructions. This is a form of HCI, but it would not be the same as an AI program.

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