Artificial intelligence 84

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and more sophisticated, and this means more than machines being smarter than humans. It's getting smarter than humans being smarter than machines being smarter than humans. All the algorithms we have have evolved over thousands of generations in a process known as natural selection. To this day computers have not been able to do things that were once thought possible by humans or even by machines.

Our current method of artificial intelligence, however, does not consider how complex things can be. The standard AI method for creating machines is just to ask questions, like "What is the greatest problem in the world?" or "How much money would it take to buy everything the world needed?" These questions are straightforward questions, but if you don't ask any more interesting questions, the algorithm that you're asking has failed. It has failed at trying to do what it should be capable of doing.

It is important to realize just how different our current method of human creativity from machine creativity is.

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