Artificial intelligence 87

Artificial intelligence is one of the more complicated but important parts of the problem, along with privacy, security, and security breaches. AI has the potential to fundamentally reshape how we live in the future, and these topics and some of the challenges facing AI have been discussed in recent news stories, leading to much discussion around potential solutions.

The biggest challenge is that of protecting our personal privacy and security at the same time we develop our applications, whether AI is being used to make predictions, control vehicles, or find cures for disease. This is where the security issues will come into play, at least with respect to new technologies and how they can be used in the near future. At the same time, AI is increasingly being adopted to find solutions for social problems such as poverty or inequality, as well as to help solve other types of difficult problems.

Privacy & Security

A big part of the problem with AI is that, without proper protections for your privacy, there is no way to guarantee that it isn't being used in ways that violate your legal rights.

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