Artificial intelligence 92

Artificial intelligence (AI), and I hope to explain the difference (at least in part) in this post.  The term "deep learning" and "deep learning" are used to designate systems with deep neural network algorithms, and "deep learning" means systems that can model the entire world from very small data sets. To explain the difference, I need to define some terms.
Deep Neural Networks in Deep Learning
Deep learning isn't very deep. It doesn't need to train itself, or try to emulate human intelligence. Instead, it can just be given an input , and it will learn how best to interpret that input into a model. I would argue that that very important property is what makes deep learning different than many other forms of artificial intelligence.
I won't try to explain the difference between deep learning and many other forms of machine learning in detail, because I don't want this post to become a book-length guide to deep learning, but I will mention a few topics that may be of interest to readers.

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