Artificial intelligence 95

Artificial intelligence and artificial superintelligence are only a part of the bigger picture.  As a general principle we need to reduce complexity without losing control.  If that entails some loss of control then we have lost. 
The  Artificially intelligent  Machine Intelligence  has a lot of problems.  It can't talk and cannot remember things like the date it started running programs, where it is located, or what it did while it was running.  Its neural networks can't be used for anything useful, they are not even useful at all as devices for communication. 
The artificial superintelligence   has problems that have nothing to do with human behavior or its limitations.  The artificial superintelligence can easily replace humans with better algorithms and improve its abilities, but in practice it isn't going to do its job very well because there is an enormous disparity between the human brain and the artificial superintelligence's machine.

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