Artificial intelligence 98

Artificial intelligence is taking over, I just want to look at what happens next. If there's a robot who's a genius like me, we run into a problem: we can't get the robot to do anything unless it has something to tell it what to do. So basically what this program is trying to do is figure out how to get the robot to do what someone in the office wants it to do, even though it doesn't want to.

It looks like we have about two hours left.

OK, so we can have this for only eight hours. After that it's all automated.

Well, in another hour—after that—if we do have an AI-powered office, what's your next step?

Well, we'll be done here by dinner, or we can call upon some of our AI-powered assistants. Because it turns out that at some point, like, when we're not looking, the AI is almost indistinguishable from us.

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