Artificial intelligence 99

Artificial intelligence is an area that I personally think is being neglected, so I've been researching it and have come across a great deal of things that are useful in solving tasks. One example is something called "deep neural networks," which are neural networks that are trained on massive amounts of data in real-time. These networks are able to learn new things and make decisions on their own, as opposed to relying only on an information-retrieval system that may be overloaded with all the information about the situation.

One of the problems with this approach is that it can take many hours to train. Also, if a situation does not require you to perform a task as well as you think it will, then this type of solution is not going to be good enough. The goal of AI is to solve real-world problems in a short amount of time, but for tasks that have specific requirements, I believe that we are headed for a time in which AI will not be able to do all the tasks we would like it to do.

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