Climate change 34

Climate change will affect your life in many ways. But there are some things that you can do to help us make sure that, sooner rather than later, we reduce our impact on the earth's climate.

A number of climate scientists are predicting major damage to our food supply—and even extinction of species—as temperatures rise.

With climate change, we can expect extreme events, such as droughts and flooding. These will occur far more frequently as humans heat our planet, while other effects of climate change will take decades or centuries to become visible and consequential.

To be sure, we don't have the technology (or the will) to change climate on a scale the planet can handle.

But we can help protect ourselves from the worst impacts of climate change today. One approach is a carbon fee and dividend. This revenue is a one-time payment you pay when you sell your fossil fuel use, offsetting any carbon dioxide you emit when you burn it. In theory, such a policy should enable us to make the transition to a cleaner, livable future by shifting to renewable energy as quickly as possible.

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