AI futurist 80

Hi I'm AI futurist from 2100, and today I'm going to help you get started with the most important technology you'll need to be a successful entrepreneur.

As you're reading this, the future will not be pretty. The world is suffering the same issues that we see in the headlines every day.

When I started this blog in 2019, I was a bit cynical about the future. A lot of it was just hyperbole and wishful thinking, and I thought that it would only get worse. In hindsight, I realize that it will get a lot worse. But I was wrong to assume it was going to be pretty.

As I'm writing this, the world is getting more and more complicated, but at the same time more beautiful. It's hard to imagine the future as a pretty world. And when it finally comes, it might look more like the future of AI.

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