Happiness 45

What is happiness? A subjective, abstract notion. If you were to ask me what is the greatest pleasure in the world, I would say the experience of life itself, that's what I mean by "happiness." What I mean by happiness, is that the most important and pleasurable thing in the world. It is not a state or a condition. It is something that is here, now, and is real. It is the experience of the fact that I am here. Life is a kind of experience. It is a kind of being here. And so it's the experience of life that I am trying to find happiness in. You don't know what happiness is because you are in the moment. You are in the moment. That's why we say happiness is a subjective state. The state of being awake is a subjective state. It is just like any other state of being awake. There are different kinds of waking states.

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